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Product Overview

Product NameAi FlipBooks
Product CreatorAshwath Shivaram
Launch Date2023-July-27
Launch Time11:00 EDT
SupportEffective Support
Guarantee30-Day Money Back Guarantee
BonusesYes, Huge Software Bonuses
Official WebsiteClick Here

Product Creator


This Software is created by Ashwath Shivaram. Ashwath is a software developer, internet marketer, and entrepreneur who creates and sells various digital products such as software tools, online courses, and ebooks. He is known for his expertise in the fields of Internet marketing, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing, and he has launched several successful products and online businesses in these areas.

Ashwath is also a popular speaker and trainer, and he has taught thousands of people how to start and grow their own online businesses.

What is Ai FlipBooks?

Ai FlipBooks claims to be the leading 3D/animated flipbook and article creator cloud-based platform in the world. It boasts a wide array of features to assist users in crafting interactive and captivating flipbooks and articles. With access to millions of inbuilt eBooks and articles, all equipped with Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses, users have the freedom to utilize and even sell the content for commercial purposes.

The platform provides over 100 high-quality templates, simplifying the content creation process and ensuring a professional finish. Additionally, Ai FlipBooks offers an inbuilt cover creator feature, making it convenient for users to design visually appealing covers for their creations. Whether one is a seasoned content creator or a newcomer, no special skills or experience are required to make use of the platform’s offerings.

Its compatibility with various operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, allows for seamless accessibility. Moreover, users can easily embed the flipbooks on their websites and take advantage of the social sharing feature to enhance visibility. With unlimited downloads, a commercial license, and the ability to sell unlimited flipbooks, Ai FlipBooks aims to cater to both individual creators and entrepreneurs looking to monetize their content. Whether one seeks to sell on platforms like Amazon KDP and Shopify or use the flipbooks for marketing purposes, Ai FlipBooks aims to offer a user-friendly and versatile solution for all content needs.

How Does Ai FlipBooks Work?

It Has 3 Step Process

Step 1 – Login & Select ready-to-use templates or create Ai FlipBooks from scratch:


The first step involves logging into the Ai FlipBooks platform using your account credentials. Once logged in, you’ll have two options: either choose from a variety of pre-designed and ready-to-use templates for your flipbook or start creating a new flipbook from scratch. These templates are professionally designed and cater to various niches, making it easy for you to find one that fits your content theme.

Step 2 – Add your own content in Flipbook or use the INBUILT CONTENT BUILDER FEATURE:


Once you’ve selected a template or created a new flipbook from scratch, it’s time to add your own content. You can include text, images, and multimedia elements to make your flipbook engaging and interactive. Ai FlipBooks also offers an inbuilt content builder feature, which means you have the option to generate content directly within the platform. This feature can be helpful if you need inspiration or additional material for your flipbook.

Step 3 – Preview or download in 1-click, create unlimited eBooks & articles. Use it for yourself or sell it to your clients & Keep the Profits:


After you’ve finished adding your content and customizing the flipbook to your liking, you can preview how it will look to ensure everything is in place. Once you’re satisfied, Ai FlipBooks allows you to download the finished flipbook with just one click. You have the freedom to create as many flipbooks as you like since there are no limitations. These flipbooks can be used for your personal purposes, such as marketing your brand, products, or services.

Alternatively, you can sell them to your clients, thanks to the commercial license included with the platform. This means you can offer flipbook creation services and keep the profits from selling them.

Watch How it works

Ai FlipBooks Features and Benefits


  • Ready-to-Use Templates: Choose from a diverse collection of over 100 high-quality templates, catering to various niches, to kickstart your flipbook creation process.
  • Inbuilt Content Builder: Generate content directly within the platform using the inbuilt content builder feature, making it easier to create compelling flipbooks with relevant material.
  • Millions of Pre-Made eBooks and Articles with PLR License: Access a vast library of pre-made eBooks and articles, all equipped with Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses, allowing you to use, modify, and even sell them for commercial purposes.
  • Inbuilt Cover Creator Feature: Design visually appealing covers for your flipbooks using the inbuilt cover creator, giving your creations a professional and attractive look.
  • Compatibility: Ai FlipBooks is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, ensuring smooth accessibility for users across different platforms.
  • Unlimited Downloads and Usage: Create and download as many flipbooks as you want without any restrictions, allowing you to use them for personal or commercial purposes.
  • Commercial License Included: With the commercial license, you have the right to sell the flipbooks you create, giving you the opportunity to monetize your content and keep the profits.
  • Embed Flipbooks on Your Website: Seamlessly embed your flipbooks on your website to enhance user engagement and interaction with your content.
  • Social Sharing Feature: Leverage the built-in social sharing feature to boost the visibility of your flipbooks by easily sharing them on various social media platforms.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both seasoned content creators and beginners, requiring no special skills or prior experience.
  • Create 3D/Animated Flipbooks and Articles: Utilize the platform’s capabilities to create interactive and visually captivating flipbooks and articles with 3D and animation elements.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Access comprehensive step-by-step tutorials to help you make the most of the platform and create stunning flipbooks efficiently.
  • Monthly Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements as the platform receives regular updates to enhance its functionality and user experience.


  • Professional and Engaging Content: Ai FlipBooks allows users to create professional-looking 3D/animated flipbooks and articles with interactive elements. This visually engaging content can captivate audiences and enhance user experience.
  • Time-Saving Templates: The platform offers a vast collection of ready-to-use templates, saving users time and effort in designing their flipbooks. These templates cover various niches, making it convenient to find the right fit for specific content themes.
  • Inbuilt Content Builder: The inbuilt content builder feature simplifies the process of generating content directly within the platform. It provides additional material and inspiration, speeding up the content creation process.
  • Access to PLR Content: Ai FlipBooks provides access to millions of pre-made eBooks and articles with Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses. Users can leverage this content for their projects or even sell it for commercial purposes, expanding monetization opportunities.
  • Commercial Rights Included: With the commercial license included, users can sell the flipbooks they create, enabling them to start a flipbook creation business and earn profits from their work.
  • Versatile Monetization Options: Content creators can monetize their flipbooks by selling them on various platforms like Amazon KDP, Shopify, and Smashwords. This opens up additional revenue streams for both individuals and businesses.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Ai FlipBooks offers a user-friendly platform that requires no special skills or prior experience. This accessibility allows a wide range of users to create professional-grade flipbooks with ease.
  • Platform Compatibility: The platform’s compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems ensures seamless accessibility for users across different devices and platforms.
  • Social Media Integration: The built-in social sharing feature facilitates easy sharing of flipbooks on various social media platforms, increasing exposure and driving traffic to the content.
  • Educational and Marketing Potential: Flipbooks can be used to create informative and engaging content, such as tutorials, courses, and marketing materials. They can help build brand identity, promote products or services, and enhance customer engagement.
  • Unlimited Downloads and Usage: Ai FlipBooks allows users to create and download an unlimited number of flipbooks with no restrictions, giving them the freedom to explore different content ideas.
  • Regular Updates: The platform receives monthly updates, ensuring users have access to the latest features and improvements, enhancing the overall experience and functionality.

Who Can Use Ai FlipBooks?

Ai FlipBooks is designed to be accessible and beneficial to a wide range of users with various purposes and goals. The platform caters to different individuals and businesses looking to create 3D/animated flipbooks and articles. The following are some of the key users who can benefit from using Ai FlipBooks:

  • Content Creators: Writers, bloggers, authors, and content marketers can use Ai FlipBooks to turn their written content into interactive and visually engaging flipbooks. This can help attract more readers and increase user engagement with their content.
  • Digital Marketers: Marketers can leverage Ai FlipBooks to create interactive marketing materials, product catalogs, and promotional content. This can lead to better brand recognition and improved marketing campaigns.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Small business owners can utilize Ai FlipBooks to showcase their products or services in a visually appealing manner, making it easier to attract potential customers.
  • Educators and Trainers: Teachers, trainers, and educators can use Ai FlipBooks to develop engaging educational materials, online courses, and training resources for their students or trainees.
  • E-commerce Businesses: E-commerce businesses can use Ai FlipBooks to create virtual product catalogs, showcasing their products in an interactive and immersive way to potential customers.
  • Publishers and Authors: Publishing houses and individual authors can utilize Ai FlipBooks to transform their books and publications into interactive digital flipbooks, expanding their reach and readership.
  • Social Media Influencers: Influencers can create eye-catching flipbooks to share on social media platforms, increasing their online presence and engaging their followers in a unique way.
  • Digital Agencies: Marketing agencies and digital service providers can offer flipbook creation services to their clients, expanding their service offerings and potential revenue streams.
  • Anyone with Creative Content: Individuals with creative content ideas, such as photographers, artists, and designers, can use Ai FlipBooks to showcase their work in an innovative and interactive format.
  • Entrepreneurs in the Publishing Industry: Entrepreneurs interested in the publishing industry can leverage Ai FlipBooks to start their own flipbook creation businesses and sell digital content.

How Does Ai FlipBooks Help You in Your Business?

  • Enhanced Content Marketing: Ai FlipBooks enables you to create visually appealing and interactive flipbooks and articles. This can significantly enhance your content marketing efforts, attracting more readers and engaging your audience better than traditional static content.
  • Brand Identity and Recognition: By using Ai FlipBooks to create unique and professional flipbooks, you can establish a distinctive brand identity. Consistent branding across your flipbooks and marketing materials can lead to increased brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Engaging Product Catalogs: For businesses involved in e-commerce, Ai FlipBooks can transform your product catalogs into interactive and immersive experiences. This can entice potential customers and increase the chances of converting leads into sales.
  • Versatile Marketing Material: Ai FlipBooks allows you to create various marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and promotional guides. These interactive materials can be shared across multiple platforms, reaching a wider audience and generating more leads.
  • Training and Educational Resources: If your business involves training or education, Ai FlipBooks can be a valuable tool for creating interactive learning materials, online courses, and training resources. This can enhance the effectiveness of your training programs and improve learning outcomes.
  • Monetization Opportunities: With access to millions of pre-made eBooks and articles with PLR licenses, you can create and sell flipbooks to generate additional revenue streams. Ai FlipBooks’ commercial license allows you to offer flipbook creation services to clients, further monetizing your skills and expertise.
  • Improved Social Media Presence: Sharing interactive flipbooks on social media platforms can set your business apart from competitors and increase engagement with your audience. Ai FlipBooks’ social sharing feature facilitates easy sharing, potentially leading to increased traffic and brand exposure.
  • Easy Website Integration: Embedding flipbooks on your website can provide a more interactive and engaging experience for website visitors. This can keep users on your site longer and improve their overall user experience.
  • Cost-Effective Content Creation: Ai FlipBooks eliminates the need for expensive design software and hiring professional designers. You can create high-quality flipbooks and articles on your own, saving both time and money.
  • Monthly Updates and Support: Regular updates from Ai FlipBooks ensure that you have access to the latest features and improvements. Additionally, customer support can assist you in resolving any issues or queries you may encounter.

Ai FlipBooks OTO Details


Front End – FlipBooks- $17

  • The main product, FlipBooks, is priced at $17. It is a professional and fully cloud-based platform that allows users to create 3D animated flipbooks and eBooks with ease. It offers features such as image to flipbook/eBook creation, PDF to flipbook/eBook conversion, text to flipbook/eBook creation, 100+ ready-to-use templates, inbuilt cover creator, and more. Users also get access to millions of pre-made eBooks with PLR license and the commercial license to sell their flipbooks.

OTO 1 – FlipBooks Unlimited + Reseller Licence – $37

  • The first upsell, priced at $37, provides all the features of the front-end product along with extra templates and an unlimited reseller license. With this upgrade, users can remove all restrictions and go unlimited, and they also get a reseller license to sell FlipBooks and keep all the profits.

OTO 2– FlipBooks Agency – $47

  • Priced at $47, this upsell offers a personal admin panel that allows users to add unlimited users and sell eBookMaker at any price they desire. It opens up limitless earnings potential by offering agency-level access and control.

OTO 3– FlipBooks Whitelabel Edition – $67

  • At $67, this upsell provides rebranding options, allowing users to add their own logo and brand name to the platform. This essentially gives them the ability to present the software as their own white-label solution.

OTO 4– FlipBooks Gold Edition – $27

  • The Gold Edition, priced at $27, includes all the features of the front-end product and introduces a puzzle and maze book creator software. Users get access to hundreds of pre-made puzzles and mazes with PLR license, along with other types of pre-made puzzles like cipher, word scramble, riddles, etc. This edition also comes with the commercial license to sell unlimited puzzles and other books on Amazon KDP.

OTO 5– FlipBooks Silver Edition- $27

  • At $27, the Silver Edition provides a searchable membership with access to 2 million+ HD stock images, 1 million+ ultra HD stock videos, 20K+ vectors, 8000+ HQ royalty-free audios, and more. It also includes an inbuilt image editor, social sharing feature, and a commercial license for the stock media.

OTO 6– FlipBooks Platinum Edition- $27

  • Priced at $27, the Platinum Edition offers a 1-click freelance and local marketplace builder like Fiverr and Freelancer. Users can sell unlimited eBooks, digital products, and services, and create their own categories and sub-categories. It comes with multiple payment gateway integrations, SMS and email integrations, and more, allowing users to create their marketplace and earn commissions.

OTO 7– FlipBooks Reseller Edition- $97

  • The final upsell, priced at $97, grants users an unlimited reseller license for the entire funnel of FlipBooks. They can sell the product and earn 100% commissions on every sale made through their reseller link.

Product Rating

Product Rating

Frequently Asked Questions On AdsReel

  1. What is Ai FlipBooks?

    Ai FlipBooks is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create 3D/animated flipbooks and articles. It offers a user-friendly interface with ready-to-use templates and an inbuilt content builder for easy content creation.

  2. Can I sell the flipbooks I create with Ai FlipBooks?

    Yes, Ai FlipBooks comes with a commercial license that allows you to sell the flipbooks you create. You can monetize your content and keep all the profits from your sales.

  3. Do I need any special skills or experience to use Ai FlipBooks?

    No, Ai FlipBooks is designed to be user-friendly, and no special skills or prior experience are required. The platform provides step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the process.

  4. Can I embed flipbooks on my website?

    Yes, Ai FlipBooks allows you to embed the flipbooks you create on your website. This enables you to offer an interactive and engaging experience for your website visitors.

  5. Is there a limit to the number of flipbooks I can create?

    No, Ai FlipBooks has no limitations on the number of flipbooks you can create. You can make unlimited flipbooks and use them for your personal or commercial purposes.

  6. What is the difference between the front-end product and the upsells?

    The front-end product of Ai FlipBooks offers the basic features and functionalities for creating flipbooks. The upsells provide additional features and customization options, such as extra templates, reseller licenses, puzzle book creators, and more.

  7. Can I use Ai FlipBooks on different operating systems?

    Yes, Ai FlipBooks is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, ensuring accessibility across various devices and platforms.

  8. Does Ai FlipBooks offer support and updates?

    Yes, Ai FlipBooks provides customer support to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter. The platform also receives regular updates to enhance its functionality and features.

My Final Opinion On Ai FlipBooks

In this final conclusion on Ai FlipBooks, we have explored the platform’s features, benefits, and its potential impact on various users. Now, let’s summarize our findings to provide a comprehensive overview of Ai FlipBooks for your review article.

Ai FlipBooks stands out as a leading 3D/animated flipbook and article creator cloud-based platform, offering a plethora of user-friendly tools for content creators, marketers, educators, and businesses. Its intuitive interface allows both beginners and experienced users to effortlessly create visually engaging flipbooks and articles. The inclusion of over 100 high-quality templates facilitates quick and stunning content creation, saving valuable time and effort.

The platform’s inbuilt content builder feature introduces a never-before-seen approach, enabling users to generate content directly within the platform. From transforming images, PDFs, and text into interactive flipbooks and eBooks, Ai FlipBooks empowers users to bring their creative visions to life with ease.

One of the key advantages of Ai FlipBooks is its vast library of pre-made eBooks and articles, all equipped with PLR licenses. This opens up monetization opportunities, as users can not only enhance their content but also resell it for commercial purposes. The inclusion of a commercial license allows users to sell unlimited flipbooks, unlocking potential revenue streams and elevating the platform’s value for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Furthermore, Ai FlipBooks offers a range of upsells to cater to users with specific customization needs and preferences. These upsells, such as the FlipBooks Unlimited + Reseller License, FlipBooks Whitelabel Edition, and FlipBooks Gold Edition, provide enhanced features, white-labeling options, and additional creative tools like puzzle and maze book creators, catering to various industries and use cases.

In conclusion, Ai FlipBooks presents a versatile and user-friendly solution for creating 3D/animated flipbooks and articles. Its diverse features, ease of use, and monetization opportunities make it a valuable asset for content creators, marketers, educators, and businesses seeking to enhance engagement, expand brand identity, and unlock new revenue streams.

Whether you’re an individual creator or a business owner looking to stand out in the digital landscape, Ai FlipBooks offers a powerful platform to unleash creativity and captivate your audience like never before. With its innovative approach to content creation and monetization, Ai FlipBooks certainly deserves consideration as a transformative tool for content-driven success.

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