Apple Introduces USB-C/MagSafe Case Upgrade for AirPods Pro at $99

In a move to cater to the evolving tech landscape, Apple has now made it possible for AirPods Pro users to upgrade their cases to the USB-C version for $99. This comes after the release of the USB-C version alongside the iPhone 15 in September, which left some early buyers feeling a bit left out.

The update specifically focuses on the charging case, not the AirPods Pro themselves. The headphones remain the 2nd-gen model, offering the same great features. The new case, however, replaces the Lightning port with the more universal USB-C, and it also supports MagSafe wireless charging, consistent with the previous case.

For those who already own AirPods Pro and wish to switch to the new case, Apple has started selling the updated case separately. This means you don’t have to clutter your space or spend extra on another pair of AirPods Pro. The case is currently available for purchase at the Apple Store for $99 in the U.S. and £89 in the U.K.

Apple Introduces USB-C

While the standalone case isn’t exactly budget-friendly, it gives users the flexibility to upgrade without investing in an entirely new set of AirPods Pro. If you’re willing to wait, third-party resellers might offer discounts in the coming months, although as of now, there aren’t substantial savings compared to the wireless charging case for standard AirPods, which Apple has been selling for $79.

Apple’s timing strategy is evident in this release, following a pattern of initially bundling the USB-C case with the 2nd-gen AirPods Pro for the first three months to maximize revenue from early adopters. Now, after the holiday sales rush, they have made the standalone case available, providing users with a more affordable option.

Looking ahead, Apple enthusiasts can anticipate potential new AirPods releases in the upcoming year, including the long-awaited 2nd-gen AirPods Max and the rumored AirPods Lite. For more information on Apple’s plans for 2024, refer to our guide on upcoming AirPods launches.


  1. What is the main upgrade in the new case?

    The main upgrade in the new case is the replacement of the Lightning port with a USB-C port, providing users with a more universal charging option. Additionally, the case supports MagSafe wireless charging.

  2. Do I need to buy a new pair of AirPods Pro to get the updated case?

    No, Apple now sells the updated USB-C/MagSafe case separately, allowing existing AirPods Pro users to upgrade without purchasing a new pair.

  3. How much does the standalone case cost?

    The standalone case is priced at $99 in the U.S. and £89 in the U.K. when purchased directly from the Apple Store.

  4. Can I expect discounts on the case from third-party resellers in the future?

    While discounts may become available in the future, as of now, there aren’t significant savings compared to the wireless charging case for standard AirPods, which is priced at $79.

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