Unbelievable! Blind Daredevil Shatters Speed Limits at 123 MPH in Hellcat on Drag Strip!

Blind Drag Racers
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“Sheldon’s Inspiring Blind Drag Racers Feat of Racing an 11.5-Second Quarter-Mile in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Despite Being Blind”

In today’s age of powerful stock muscle cars and electric vehicles boasting triple-digit horsepower figures, an 11.5-second quarter-mile time may seem relatively modest. However, the remarkable story we’re about to share revolves not around the modifications to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Super Stock but rather the incredible driver Blind Drag Racers behind the wheel – Sheldon, a charismatic car enthusiast who happens to be blind.

Sheldon recently acquired a 2023 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Super Stock, a machine that’s essentially a Challenger Demon with a different name. With its 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine churning out 807 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque, it’s a formidable beast.

Despite having made only a few minor engine modifications, such as a mid-pipe delete and carbon fiber air intake, Sheldon’s Hellcat still packs a punch. What makes it even more impressive is that the Super Stock is one of the lightest factory Challenger Hellcats Dodge ever produced, weighing in at around 4,450 pounds. While Dodge offered a passenger seat-delete option for $1, Sheldon chose to keep it, relying on his passenger to guide him down the drag strip during his runs.

In his first-ever drag race with the new Hellcat at Alaska Raceway Park, Sheldon took a cautious approach to get a feel for the car. It appeared that traction control initially limited his ability to launch the car effectively. However, after warming up and disabling the driver aids, Sheldon accomplished an 11.5-second quarter-mile time. Throughout the run, his passenger provided gentle steering assistance to ensure the car remained straight, as even a minor steering error at 123 mph could lead to disaster.

Imagine the sheer courage it takes to sit behind the wheel of an 800-horsepower powerhouse, unable to see, and then unleash its full potential. Sheldon places immense trust in both his car and his passenger’s guidance, a feat that deserves the utmost admiration.

This video documenting Sheldon’s journey is a must-watch in its entirety, offering a glimpse into his incredible determination and passion. And this isn’t the end of Sheldon’s adventures with his Hellcat. With future modifications in mind, he aspires to break into the ten-second range next year and eventually challenge Dan Parker, whom he claims is the world’s fastest blind man after piloting his Chevy Corvette to a remarkable 211 mph. We can only hope to witness Sheldon’s continued success on the drag strip and his pursuit of new records in the world of Blind Drag Racers.

Video Credit – @1320video

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