Driveclub Resurgence: 60 FPS on PS5, Seven Years Later – A Unconventional Achievement

Driveclub’s tumultuous journey in the world of gaming is a compelling tale that has left a lasting impression on its devoted fan base. Despite facing numerous challenges and even being removed from the PlayStation Store, the game continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many, myself included. What’s truly remarkable is how the developers achieved stunning graphics in 2014, with Driveclub still outshining later racing games, including GT 7.

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Recently, some tech-savvy enthusiasts managed to make Driveclub run on the PlayStation 5 at a smooth 60 frames per second, albeit through unconventional means. They exploited, hacked, or jailbroke the console to achieve this feat, modifying the frame cap in the process. The result is a visually glorious experience, maintaining the original 1080p resolution. Given that Driveclub is essentially a relic, this achievement is a small victory for its dedicated fanbase.

However, the chances of this enhanced version becoming widely accessible to average consumers are slim. In 2020, Sony removed the game from the PlayStation Store, making it nearly impossible to purchase legally unless one were to acquire a used physical copy. The path to mainstream availability for this modified version seems unlikely.

Driveclub was crafted by the skilled developers at Evolution Studios, a first-party PlayStation studio known for its previous successes, including the Motorstorm series. Regrettably, after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 and the release of Motorstorm: Apocalypse, the Motorstorm series faded into obscurity.

Driveclub was supposed to be the quintessential racing game, boasting cutting-edge visuals and a compelling online multiplayer experience. While it excelled in the graphics and gameplay departments, its multiplayer mode faltered at launch. Server issues plagued the game, leading to frequent disconnections from lobbies and races. However, for players like myself who primarily enjoy single-player experiences, these shortcomings were easier to overlook.

To its credit, Evolution Studios eventually delivered on its promise of a unique dynamic weather system, albeit a month later than expected. Nevertheless, the initial multiplayer woes and delays in features led to a barrage of criticism from industry reviewers, which, coupled with competition like Days Gone, contributed to disappointing sales figures.

DriveClub Game On Ps5 And Ps4

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Tragically, on March 22, 2016, Sony announced the closure of Evolution Studios. Some of its team members found new roles at Codemasters, where they developed Onrush, a spiritual successor to Motorstorm. Unfortunately, the gaming landscape has evolved since 2006, and Onrush failed to gain traction in 2018. The studio was eventually merged with Criterion Games, which worked on Need for Speed: Unbound.

Considering the fate of Evolution Studios and the changing industry landscape, the chances of seeing another Motorstorm or Driveclub installment, aside from a possible remake, appear increasingly remote. These once-revered titles now bask in the glow of nostalgia, cherished by a dedicated community of fans.

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