Everywhere: A Creative Sandbox from Former GTA Producer Leslie Benzies

Former GTA producer Leslie Benzies and his studio, Build a Rocket Boy, have unveiled an exciting new trailer for “Everywhere.” This ambitious sandbox title promises to empower players to craft their own unique experiences and explore those of others. While it might bear surface-level similarities to Fortnite, a closer look at the art style reveals distinctive stylized character models.


Everywhere Gameplay Unveiled

The latest trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the gameplay of Everywhere. It’s evident that the game goes beyond merely shooting and driving through picturesque landscapes. The trailer showcases a range of activities, from a skeeball game to a character deftly navigating obstacles in a thrilling gauntlet. The game places significant emphasis on the building aspect, as highlighted in the narration and the creative tools on display.

A Multifaceted Experience

Build a Rocket Boy describes Everywhere as a project that seamlessly fuses gameplay, adventure, creativity, and discovery into an all-new, multi-world gaming experience. This vision aims to redefine how players connect with each other and the digital world.

Coming Soon: Closed Alpha Test

Although a specific release date is yet to be announced, Build a Rocket Boy plans to host a closed alpha test in the near future. Interested players can already create accounts and secure their usernames for a chance to participate in the initial PC test.

Beyond Gaming Creation

Everywhere is not just a game; it’s a game-creation tool that empowers users to craft their own experiences. This concept aligns with the growing trend of game creation platforms, like Roblox and Dreams, which allow gamers to not only enjoy gaming but also potentially earn money and develop careers in game development.

Aiming High

The core ethos of Everywhere revolves around creating an expansive open world that can be expanded in every direction. It’s set to host a variety of full games, including MindsEye, an upcoming AAA action-adventure title featuring a futuristic world of corporations, conspiracy theories, and cutting-edge technologies.

A Potential Game Changer

Everywhere is poised to make waves in the world of game creation. While platforms like Roblox and Dreams enable anyone to create their own experiences, the integration of AAA titles into Everywhere could set it apart from the competition.

Expanding Boundaries

Everywhere’s release coincides with a growing trend among cross-platform developers who are bringing console and PC titles to mobile devices. For instance, Capcom is actively pursuing mobile ports of its titles as part of its expansion plans.

A Critical Perspective

The new trailer for Everywhere has generated mixed reactions. Some find it lacking in originality and inspiration, with comparisons to Fortnite’s character designs and a cityscape reminiscent of a PlayStation 5. The trailer’s grandiose voiceover has raised questions about the game’s potential for creativity and innovation.

In Development by Build A Rocket Boy

Leslie Benzies’ studio, Build A Rocket Boy, is behind Everywhere’s development. The trailer hints at a connection to Grand Theft Auto, as it features characters watching a video game called MindsEye, an episodic sci-fi game created by Build A Rocket Boy that will be playable within Everywhere.

A Hopeful Outlook

Despite concerns about trends and marketing, there’s hope that Everywhere’s creative tools could be robust and enjoyable to use. The closed alpha will likely provide more insights into the game’s true potential, and interested players can sign up on the official site to be part of it.

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