Unlocking Fortnitemares 2023 Free Rewards: A Detailed Guide to the Redemption Process

Fortnitemares 2023
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Fortnitemares 2023 is in full swing, offering players a multitude of exciting in-game activities, including interacting with newly introduced NPCs and testing out fresh weapons in the loot pool. To make the Halloween month even more thrilling, Epic Games is generously gifting freebies to all players.

This year, there are eight enticing free rewards up for grabs. These rewards aren’t limited to simple Sprays and Emojis; players have the chance to win exclusive cosmetics to enhance their gaming experience.

Claiming these Fortnitemares 2023 freebies involves completing in-game challenges, all related to the ongoing event. These challenges vary in difficulty, and a total of 25 challenges must be conquered to unlock all the rewards.

Here’s the complete list of rewards to aim for In Fortnitemares 2023:

  1. Bat Royale (Back Bling)
  2. Sweet! (Emote)
  3. Phantasmic Fall (Contrail)
  4. Rise of the Revenant (Music Pack)
  5. Hypno-Bat (Spray)
  6. Within the Sanctum (Loading Screen)
  7. Revenant (Glider)
  8. Cat (Banner Icon)

Players have until the end of Fortnitemares 2023 to take on these challenges. New sets of challenges will be added weekly, ensuring that the excitement continues. It’s important to note that these rewards and challenges are distinct from those found in Horde Rush and can only be completed in the Horde Rush LTM. Here’s the initial set of Fortnitemares 2023 challenges:

  1. Gain full Shields within 30 seconds of taking damage from opponents (1)
  2. Hit enemy players from 30 meters or more (13)
  3. Search a Ghost Buried Chest or Rare Chest (1)
  4. Sprint distance within 15 seconds of ringing doorbells (25)
  5. Travel distance with a Witch Broom (15)
  6. Visit Eclipsed Estate or Relentless Retreat (1)
  7. Stage 1 of 5 – Earn XP in Creator Made Experiences (30,000) (Repeatable)

As for the fate of Fortnitemares 2023 challenges in Chapter 4 Season 5, they won’t carry over. These challenges and their associated rewards are exclusive to Chapter 4 Season 4, and they will be vaulted at the season’s end. While there might be an opportunity to purchase these cosmetic items later from the Item Shop, Epic Games has not confirmed any such plans.

To secure these exciting freebies, make sure to complete all 25 Fortnitemare 2023 challenges before Chapter 4 Season 4 concludes. Additional challenges beyond the 25 will offer experience points but no extra rewards.”

Ending Android OS9 Support for Fortnite Battle Royale game

Starting from version 28.00, Fortnite will require Android OS10 or higher for official support. OS9 will no longer be officially compatible.

For those unable to upgrade, alternative options like Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna support OS9 for Fortnite streaming.

Competitive Updates Epic Games:

  • Certain items like the Wood Stake Shotgun, Thorne’s Vampiric Blade, Pumpkin Launcher, Witch Broom, and Candy are excluded from tournaments.
  • Game Time, Icy Slide, and Rushing Reload Reality Augments are also not part of tournaments.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected tree rendering issues.
  • Exclamation marks will now clear as intended above the Quests tab.”

Introducing the Quick Weapon Action (Beta)

A new feature, the Quick Weapon Action (in beta), has been incorporated into Controller Options!

fortnite quick weapon action 1920x1080 565b6c2da877
Image Credit – @fortnite

With Quick Weapon enabled, it takes over the function of the “Next Weapon” button. By pressing Quick Weapon, you equip your primary item. Simultaneously press a face button while using Quick Weapon to switch to one of your other item slots. You can combine Quick Weapon and a face button for an instant item swap, or simply hold down the Quick Weapon button to familiarize yourself with how the face buttons correspond to items in your inventory.

Moreover, when Quick Weapon is active, “Previous Weapon” is replaced with “Place Marker” to enhance squad communication. If you prefer, you can customize your controls in the controller customization options to replace “Previous Weapon” with an action of your choice.”

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