Google Celebrate Google’s 25th Birthday with Special Google Doodle and Easter Eggs

Google Celebrates Google’s 25th Birthday

In a grand celebration of its Google’s 25th birthday, Google is leaving no stone unturned. Founded in 1998, Google has come a long way, and on this momentous occasion, it has hidden some delightful surprises, or “Easter eggs,” for its users. The festivities extend to various Google products, including search, hum to search, and translate.

Google 25th Birthday

To uncover these hidden gems, all you need to do is search, hum, or translate the phrase “happy birthday” on Google’s platforms on the special day. Once you do, get ready for a virtual confetti shower as it rains down across your screen.

As an extra treat, Google has crafted a special Google Doodle to commemorate its 25th birthday. Google Doodles are temporary alterations of the iconic Google logo that the search engine showcases on different holidays, events, or to pay homage to notable individuals. This particular birthday Google Doodle takes users on a visual journey through Google’s logo evolution, from its very first logo to its current iteration, culminating with a unique 25th birthday logo.

Google Special Google Doodle

Google 25th Birthday

But when is Google’s birthday exactly?

Google 25th Birthday

Although Google was officially incorporated on September 4, 1998, the company began celebrating its anniversary on September 27 starting in 2005. This shift was made following an announcement that Google was changing its approach to indexing web pages.

Interestingly, the tradition of Google Doodles began shortly after Google itself. The very first Google Doodle was a simple one, featuring a stick man placed over the search engine’s logo in 1998. This playful gesture came about when Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, took some time off to attend the Burning Man Festival.

Since that initial doodle, Google has gone on to create more than 5,000 unique Google Doodles, each designed to commemorate a wide range of occasions, from Valentine’s Day to the anniversary of the ice cream sundae in 2011. These creative Doodles are now the work of a dedicated team of engineers and illustrators aptly called “doodlers.”

As Google celebrates its 25th birthday, users can enjoy the journey of the company’s logo evolution and hunt for Easter eggs across its various products, making it a day to remember in the tech world.

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