GTA 6 Announcement Leak Hoax: What You Need to Know

In the world of gaming, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) enthusiasts are no strangers to the frequent emergence of GTA 6 announcement leaks and rumors on social media platforms. These speculations often send the gaming community into a frenzy of hope and anticipation, only to be met with disappointment. Recently, another leak surfaced, adding to the ongoing speculation. An X (formerly Twitter) account going by the name of Chris Marxx claimed that Rockstar Games would unveil the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 on October 26, 2023.

GTA 6 Announcement
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Marxx went a step further, alleging that Rockstar had initiated the game’s preview campaign and might drop hints leading up to the alleged announcement date. Naturally, Marxx’s claims garnered significant attention, both positive and negative. However, shortly after this, Marxx’s X account was deactivated, leaving fans to wonder whether the leak was indeed a hoax. But the story doesn’t end there.

The Unraveling of Chris Marxx’s GTA 6 Announcement Leak Hoax

Subsequent investigations revealed that Chris Marxx’s X account was actually operated by the well-known data miner, InfinityBesk, along with another undisclosed individual. Interestingly, this undisclosed individual was cited as the source of the leaked announcement date and the suggestion that Rockstar Games might tease the sequel in the lead-up to October 26—a suggestion that seemed to come true.

Adding fuel to the speculation fire, Rockstar Games posted an image promoting a new T-shirt in GTA Online. Fans quickly noticed that the Vinewood sign in the background formed the Roman numeral “VI,” hinting at Grand Theft Auto 6. Further speculation arose concerning the moon in the same image, suggesting that an announcement might be imminent. Nevertheless, Rockstar has remained tight-lipped on the matter, neither confirming nor denying these speculations.

Whether this was a genuine attempt at teasing the sequel or an elaborate hoax remains unclear. This uncertainty is one reason why InfinityBesk refrains from completely dismissing the rumored announcement date. However, the data miner has chosen to remain silent on the matter, possibly due to the potential validity of the leak.

Hopeful Expectations and Historical Patterns

Adding to the intrigue is Rockstar’s history of announcing new titles in October, which has given fans a glimmer of hope for some information about the highly anticipated game. Furthermore, Take-Two Interactive’s financial projections for Fiscal Year 2025 indicate the possibility of a GTA 6 launch between late 2024 and early 2025.

If these projections hold true, there’s a chance that Grand Theft Auto 5‘s sequel might indeed be announced within the coming weeks or by the end of the year. Rockstar typically announces titles at least two years before their release. While there’s been no official confirmation regarding Grand Theft Auto 6, a significant leak last year in September revealed hours’ worth of development footage, stoking excitement among fans.

With October 26 still a couple of weeks away, the validity of Chris Marxx’s announcement leak remains uncertain. GTA enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping for an official announcement from Rockstar Games regarding the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.

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