GTA 6 Speculation Soars as Fans Decode Possible Clues in Rockstar’s Moon Festival Post

Rockstar Games recently marked the Moon Festival in GTA Online by sharing an image on social media and offering players a free in-game item. While the post initially seemed like a simple celebration of the festival, it didn’t take long for keen-eyed GTA enthusiasts to focus on the background, where the iconic Vinewood sign was prominently displayed.

Gta 6
Image Credit – Rockstar games

What caught fans In GTA 6

Attention was the fact that the letters “V” and “I” in “Vinewood” appeared noticeably larger than the others. This led to wild speculations that Rockstar might be dropping subtle hints about GTA 6, as the “VI” represents the Roman numeral for 6.

This isn’t the first time that fans have scrutinized Rockstar’s social media posts for hidden messages. In a 10th-anniversary post for GTA 5, discussions within the community ignited as many believed it featured a hint at the forthcoming GTA 6.

The 10th-anniversary image displayed a plane heading toward a sign resembling “VI,” prompting fans to suggest it could be another teaser for the upcoming game. The community was divided, with some convinced it was a clear hint and others dismissing it as mere coincidence or overanalysis. However, in the current case, the majority of GTA fans seem to agree that this recent social media post intentionally hints at GTA 6.

“One of the few times I think it’s intentional,” one fan wrote. “Ok, this actually looks like an intentional tease this time,” echoed another.

Nonetheless, skepticism lingers, with some pointing out that the image was cropped on Instagram and Facebook in a way that obscures the “VI.” This led one Redditor to comment, “The only thing that’s making me doubt this is that on Facebook and Instagram, the VI is cropped. If this was a little tease, there’s no reason to only put it on Twitter and ignore FB and Insta.”

Perhaps it’s a tease, or perhaps just another chance occurrence, but it’s undeniable that GTA fans are eagerly searching for any tidbits of information about the long-awaited game.

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