Kibo Eclipse Review – Does It Worth To Buy?

Welcome To My Kibo Eclipse Review. I am Sharad Tekwade an Full-Time Online Marketer & I am interested to explore new Online Business Software everyday .I review best of the best software in online market in Detail.

So that you won’t face any kind of doubt or Problem & ultimately you can take right buying decision.

Today am Going To Share My Honest Opinion or Review About Kibo Eclipse Training Program that Recently Release By Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton.

So, Without Wasting Any Time Let’s See What Is Actually Kibo Eclipse is? in Detail.

Kibo Eclipse Overview

Kibo Eclipse Review
Product NameKibo ECLIPSE
Product CreatorAidan booth and Steve Clayton
Launch Date2022-Jan-25
Launch Time12:00 EST
Price$3,497 or 4 payments of $997
Course Duration8- Weeks Of Live Training
Official WebsiteClick Here
Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
BonusesYes, Huge Software Bonuses
RecommendHighly Recommended !

In Above Section Complete Overview About Kibo Eclipse. After This Let’s See Who Created This Program in Detail.

Product Creator


Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Now for you to further decide on whether or not you’ll push through, let me introduce the creators of the Kibo Eclipse

Steve has been running online businesses for over 17 years since leaving his corporate job in 2003.

He quickly saw success with affiliate marketing and built a digital business that started to make more than $50K each month.

He then expanded to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream, which is still at the core of our business today.

Aidan on the other hand, started in 2006. All he ever wanted to at least have a small income stream that will get him to geographical freedom. With his determination, he soon was able to build a consistent online income of more than $20,000 per month.

Since then after becoming business partners in 2013, they now have multiple successful online businesses. With the aim of helping aspiring students to be like them, they continuously launch online training programs about eCommerce, online marketing and so much more.

Kibo Eclipse Review : What Exactly Kibo Eclipse Is All About?

The Kibo Eclipse Is a eCommerce training program and software suite created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

It is an innovative E-Commerce Solution that enables you Create and Manage Profitable Online Stores. In This Entire Program Mentors reveals a unique way to make profit online using untapped Ecommerce marketplace.

The Kibi Eclipse Program is Unique 8 week Program. In This How You can Learn and creating to running your own ecommerce store online.

Let’s start with what they’re doing right…

  • Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are very smart, successful business owners
  • Their eCom traffic methods are effective and largely untapped
  • They uncovered an opportunity bigger than Amazon (making +$35,239 in 24 hours)
  • Their methods and technology empower anyone to start a business in eCommerce
  • Their support and guidance is exactly what most beginners need
  • The profit potential here is practically infinite (limited really by the effort you put in)

How Does Kibo Eclipse Work?

The core involves 3 main steps

3 step system v2sj 1

Step #1 – Activate Your Profitable Products


You won’t need to take time in researching for profitable products since they would do all the work for you. With the use of they own special software, everything that you need in getting your store up and running will be done for you already.

Step #2 – Generate Free Traffic and Sales


Obviously to start making sales and profits, you need traffic – and sometimes generating targeted traffic can be difficult.

So that The second step is to set a goal of reaching about $1000 per week profit. This can be achieved by u sing the Facebook marketplace’s direct, hyper-targeted FREE traffic.

Step #3 – Scale Up By Multiplying Your Marketplaces and Traffic Sources


In Third Step You ALREADY know these products convert… you are simply putting them in front of thousands more people to dramatically increase your sales and profits.

This is done over the course of 2-3 months, with a new training module and a live Q&A webinar released every week. You don’t need to have ANY prior knowledge or experience in order to join this program, and you can run this business model from anywhere in the world.

Basically, the creators behind the program were inspired by a popular brick and mortar store in Japan. The program then makes use of a brand new approach as compared to other similar methods out there.

As the other reviews have mentioned, what makes Kibo Eclipse different is that it is easier and faster to use even without a background on eCommerce. There is no need for Amazon, an inventory and even overseas suppliers.

The Kibo Code Quantum System 768x439 1

The core process of the program are the following:

  • Apart from just buying generic domain name, they make sure it is of high quality with the use of a tool.
  • The program will help in setting up a simple store that has high-converting theme already preloaded.
  • Using their software, they will help you filter out the most profitable products among the millions of items. The more profitable a product is, the more likely it is to be included to your online marketplace, which increases your chances to have a progressive income through your online business.
  • Kibo Eclipse automatically fills up the website with product listings, requiring no image or text creation. You don’t need to do anything as they will do all the work for you.
  • The program uses low-cost, underrated, and mainly unexplored strategies to provide immediate traffic to product listings.
  • Afterwards, the program streamlines the process by retaining profitable goods and excluding those that aren’t. And then scaling up by repeating the same process to find more profitable products while growing revenues.

What’s Included In The Program?

The live masterclass will go around for 8 weeks. In those weeks, you’ll be webinar trainings along with 7 modules to guide you all throughout.

1st Module – Central Intelligence

This module gives you an introduction to the world of eCommerce. It also goes into the detail the expected learning outcomes to give you an idea on what Kibo Eclipse is about. This module will also go over the following:

  • The art of pricing production
  • All the things to know to start your eCom business
  • How to start from scratch
  • Tips on selling your product within 48 hours
  • Best strategies and techniques to help your business grow

2nd Module – Storestorm

Storestorm is an app that will make website building easy. In just a matter of minute, you’ll be on your way to setting up your store. In this way, you can set up as many stores based on the concepts you will learn.

3rd Module – Handpicked Products

In this module, you’ll be able to learn how you can make up to $200 per day just by selling 3 products. With the list of products provided, you’ll also learn how to determine and analyze whether or not a product has potential.

Apart from those, you’ll learn how to identify high-demand products to sell, as well as the methods and secret formula for doing so.

4th Module – Profit Vault

After learning the right methods to use, this module will further assist you on sourcing the best product and supplier out of the many.

5th Module – Traffic Black Box

Out of the other modules, the traffic black box is probably the most useful. Based from the title alone, this module will walk you through the art of getting traffic for free.

As compared from the past version, Kibo Eclipse will help you boost your traffic at no additional cost. It includes SEO  to generate leads and along with a tutorial on effective sales funnels to bring in more traffic and sales.

6th Module – Oracle X

Selling your products might be easy but finding the promising ones takes a lot of research. Remember, the goal is long-term. Finding not just the best but the right product will be your stepping stone to financial freedom. That’s why in this module, you will learn exactly that.

Moreover, this module also includes the great art of logos. You’ll be given information on choosing the right name for your domain. Lastly, an exclusive access to a software that will get your store up and running in a couple of seconds.

7th Module – Kibo Academy

Of course, the masterclass won’t just end in live video tutorials. They will make sure that you are well guided while in the Kibo Eclipse program.

In this module, you’ll have an exclusive access to the Kibo Code community. In here, you can ask questions and also learn from your fellow students. But if you’re on the introverted type, they also have an email support where you can freely ask your questions.

The Kibo Eclipse Training Program Components

Let’s run through the eight components of the Kibo Eclipse training program to show you how this all comes together and how YOU can take advantage of this incredible system…

kibo img1

Kibo Incubator

The first component of Kibo Eclipse is the Incubator which contains the core 8 week training program that’ll show you how to build your new eCommerce empire in record time.

The actual value of what you will receive here is huge and you could spend hours going through everything that’s included.

kibo img2

Kibo Jumpstart

The Kibo Jumpstart is a weekly live training session with Steven and Aidan, including their in-house team of experts.

They hold training sessions every week to help you fast track your success and start generating income in no time.

kibo img3

Kibo HQ

This module is jampacked will premium materials and tools built by the creators over the past years. It helps you to scale up your business.

Aidan and Steven have spent over a million dollars to develop the Kibo HQ tools and other materials to ensure that all members get access to tools to grow their business.

kibo img4

Kibo Oracle

If you are into eCommerce, you will understand how difficult it is to find profitable products to sell in your store.
And that is the reason they designed Kibo oracle advanced software. It is an advanced tool to access millions of products without extra effort instantly.

You can filter the list of the products to find the winning and profitable one that has market demand.

kibo img5

Kibo Converters

Your store can’t make money without visitors or traffic. The Kibo converters is a new tool to help you convert all your visitors into buyers.

All Kibo eclipse members will get free access to the software to increase conversions.

kibo img6

Kibo Socializer

Since the primary goal of the Kibo Eclipse program is to teach people how to get sales using free traffic. You will access the Kibo socializer to boost sales by taking advantage of social traffic.

The socializer tool is designed to help you drive targeted traffic to your store and start getting sales without investing in paid ads.

kibo img7

Kibo Accelerators

No doubt, every business want to grow and increase their profits. This module of Kibo eclipse focuses on other ways to get additional traffic and marketing strategies to 10x your eCommerce sales in 2022.

kibo img8

Kibo Mentor

As a member, you get support from a dedicated team and other Kibo members to ask and answer questions.

It is a way to meet other people with the same goals,  share your experience and gain more knowledge to help you in your business.

Kibo Eclipse is arguably the best way to get into eCommerce online today, especially for a beginner.

  •  For beginners it’s great because it removes about 90% of the roadblocks in a ‘point and click’ manner to get you on the path to at least $1,000 per week.
  • For intermediates it’s great because it saves you about $1,000 per month on software subscriptions alone – and introduces you to a wide variety of traffic, sales channels and conversion boosters.
  • For the advanced I’d say there’s enough in here to make back your investment several times in short order, whether it’s through the traffic, sales and conversion elements or even attaching it to an existing business, as an additional revenue stream.

Aidan and Steve have a proven track record of producing success stories.

Kibo Eclipse has adopted a different strategy than other eCommerce platforms that repeat training sessions. Over the last few months, the Kibo Eclipse team has devised an entirely different style of training system, without repeating previous courses. Kibo Eclipse can provide students with new knowledge and experience required to succeed online by upgrading the system and producing completely new lessons.

Does Kibo Eclipse Quantum Really Work?

Kibo Eclipse Quantum is the easiest to understand, simplest, and most profitable business model. Its price is high it’s right but it also worth its price too. This a beginner-friendly training program that helps you to start your eCommerce business. You don’t need Amazon, inventory, overseas suppliers.

They buy a high-quality generic domain name. Using a tool they can find good ones. Then they set up a simple store with a preloaded high-converting theme. It takes just 60 seconds to set. After that, they pinpoint profitable products using revolutionary software. It loads up the website with these product listings. No image or text creation required. This software does everything for you. When you can start selling other USA-based drop ship the products to the customer directly. You don’t need to buy any inventory to make delivery fast. So, don’t need to worry about it.

After all, this is a perfect training plus software combination product that works really well. It’s not SCAM software with fake promise. You can easily use this training for starting your eCommerce business successfully for a lifetime. 

What Can You Achieve Inside This Training Program?

1 – Hundreds of Mind-Blowing Customer Success Stories:

Inside this training program, you’ll get various successful marketers’ success stories. You can ask, what’s the benefit of other marketers’ success stories? You’re right, but it’s important. Let me, explain. When you want to build a successful online business then at first, your need a fresh mindset up. For this reason, you need to see other marketers’ success stories. It motivated you to speed up your working energy. After all, without motivation, you never can set your mind. You have to see successful marketers’ case-study and apply it to your own life. It’s the rule. All these successful marketers also follow other successful marketers’ success stories. 

2 – A Revolutionary New Sale Software:

You’ll get revolutionary new software to make easy your online business. When people use ‘The Kibo Eclipse’ last time, people had to use Shopify. They had to pay for it. Now, this time you don’t need to pay for this. It helps to save you a ton of money each month. They have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars this year building this software. It will make running with this business model even faster and easier for you.

3 – Free Traffic Sources:

Traffic is the key to online business. You have to generate traffic first for making sales. This training program provides you various free traffic sources. ‘The Kibo Eclipse’ mainly focused on paid traffic. But this time ‘Kibo Eclipse’ putting a major focus on FREE TRAFFIC. It includes Facebook, Instagram, Organic as well as other sources too. If you can grow these traffic sources once then you can generate free traffic for a lifetime.

The last launch was around how much would need to be spent on traffic. This time, they will have a choice and they have been working on multiple strategies throughout the year which will allow people to stick to free traffic if they so wish. That is just a taste of the many incredible additions with Kibo Eclipse.

How Much Does Kibo Eclipse Cost?

After giving you a glimpse on what to expect from the program, let us now talk about its price. Basically, the entire training course cost $3,497. You can opt to pay in full which gives you an instant discount amounting to $491. We know it is kind of pricey, so you have the choice to also pay in installments for four months.

You’ll have a 30-day refund policy in case you feel like this program is not for you. So you’ve got nothing to lose. You can try and see it for yourself first, in this way you won’t think that it is a scam.

However, you also need to take note of the additional costs that you may encounter while starting your own eCommerce site. You need to prepare spending extra for the domain, hosting and advertising costs.

Does IT Worth to Buy & Does IT Risk-Free?

Yep, my friend, Kibo Eclipse is a 100% newbie-friendly and workable training program with a lot of strategies. It’s no doubt. I know that there are a lot of technical hassles that most software/method has, but this proven training is a cut above the rest, and everyone can use it with complete ease. Most of the online marketing training has a lot of fake promises but you are LUCKY to get it. This is the most complete online marketing blueprint you’ll find at this price. Guaranteed.!

I can say it, Kibo Eclipse is 100% risk-free. You will get 30 days refund policy. If you are unable to get benefits using this training, or if you don’t get results using this training then you can refund this training program. Then another most important thing is Contact Support. You will get 24/7 support if you face any difficulties to learn online marketing.

The reason I recommend Kibo Eclipse Course

  • The creators have a good reputation when it comes to eCommerce training
  • It model is easy to learn and implement
  • High-profit margin compare to other online business
  • No inventory Risk
  • Not required to order from overseas
  • More success stories of past students
  • Traffic strategies are covered, no traffic issue
  • You can build your brand without the risk of ban

My Final Opinion: Kibo Code Quantum Review

I don’t really do eCommerce, however I’d be foolish to ignore the profit opportunity here.

If I were a beginner, I’d give this serious consideration.

Even running an established 8-figure software company though, I can see a way to instantly and near effortlessly use Kibo to add additional revenue streams (even sales channels) to many of my existing projects.

I’ve Decided To Try Kibo Eclipse Out For Myself.

I’m genuinely excited to use some of Kibo’s traffic methods to flesh out and grow my existing niche sites, as well as provide additional offers to my audiences.

I’m so serious about this, I’ve even worked with Aidan to get a powerful new feature added to the Kibo software, which everyone will get – even if you don’t invest through my link.

And if you DO invest in Kibo Eclipse through my link at the bottom of this page…

Then I’m going to provide you ALL the resources, perks and add-ons I’m going to use to maximize my traffic and sales (which I’m expert at) – while ELIMINATING your Risk!

However, due to the sheer amount of time it’ll take me and my team to fulfill this promise, I have to limit the number of people I can deliver this to.

Finally, I want to say it’s a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED training program for anyone who wants to make consistent money online. Most of the people run behind various fake promising methods and software. They purchase those products and software and in the end, they don’t get any results… after that, they buy another fake promising product, and the results are nothing. So, friends don’t fail again in online marketing. If you want to start your online business for a lifetime, then Eclipse Quantum is highly recommended for you or anyone.

Exclusive Bonuses

extra bonus

Here’s What You’re going to get…


sales page bonus 1


sales page bonus 2


sales page bonus 3


All-access ticket to a 2-Days Private KIBO 2022 Annual Live Event . (Original price: $4,997)


How To Claim My Bonuses

Step 1– Purchase The Product Using Button On This Page

Step 2– Send Me Your Purchase Receipt On My Mail [email protected]. For Confirmation.

Step 3– I Will Send Your All Bonus Package To Your Link In Next 24 Hours.

Kibo Eclipse Bonuses From My Side

Bonus#1- Shopify Secrets

Shopify Secrets Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learning Shopify Advanced Control Panel
  • Creating an e-commerce website
  • Essential requirements to create a professional website
  • Shopify Apps
  • Shopify Themes
  • Create Other Essential pages required for a business

Bonus#2- Dropshipping 2022

What you’ll learn

  • The right approach to Dropshipping
  • various methods to find winning products
  • learn the new phase of dropshipping
  • Know the false techniques and stay away from them

Bonus#3- The Phoenix Reloaded

Mark Barrett The Phoenix Reloaded Free Download
  • The fastest results you’ve ever seen
  • Virtually unknown, brand new method with full training
  • Working flawlessly in 2022 and beyond
  • On Demand autopilot commission generating system
  • Works for both newbies and experienced marketers
  • All it takes is 30 minutes to get Phoenix Reloaded up and running
  • Get results or we’ll give you every penny back with a smile

Bonus#4- PrimeStocks Ultra

Tom Yevsikov PrimeStocks Ultra Free Download

Prime Stocks is designed so that you will NEVER need to pay another cent for stock resources – regardless of whether you need footage, high-resolution photos, images or even gif’s or vectors. (and so much more!)

Bonus#5- Animaximen

Arifianto Rahardi Animaximen OTOs Free Download

All-in-One Creative Tools to create professional video animation in minutes and grow your business faster than ever before.

You can also mix and match our DFY animation, your video will be unique, and only you have it!.

ANIMAXIME comes fully loaded with all the tools you need to Maximizes the quality of video animation, explainer videos,
and much more video projects using only PowerPoint!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What if I don’t want to continue with the program after purchasing it?

If that happens then in that case you can make your money refunded within 30 days of purchasing the program and no question will be asked.

Is there any option available for paying the amount in installment?

Yes, you can pay the whole amount in four installments by paying $997 each with the gap of 30 days or you can pay the whole amount at once by paying $3497 and save up to $491.

How many modules are there in this program?

There are a total of 7 modules available in this program.

Are there any bonuses available in this Kibo eclipse program?

Yes there are three bonuses available along with the 7 modules that are Kibo code live recording, the secret mastermind, and the 7 figure scaling secret and each of them is completely different from one another and highly efficient as usual.

Who should purchase the Kibo eclipse program?

Anyone who wants to grow their business in e-commerce or wants to expand their business through e-commerce or wants to generate huge income should purchase this program.

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