KSI and Logan Paul’s Unexpected Friendship: A Tale of Redemption

KSI and Logan Paul have made waves in the world of influencer boxing, turning their social media fame into successful pay-per-view events. While initially known for their YouTube careers, they’ve transitioned into the world of combat sports with remarkable success.

How did Ksi and Logan Paul become friends?

Their relationship began with a fierce rivalry. KSI initially challenged Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother, to a boxing match in 2018. However, Logan Paul stepped in to accept the challenge on his brother’s behalf due to Jake’s lack of experience at the time.

KSI and Logan Paul
Image Credit – @loganpaul

The two engaged in two boxing matches. The first was an amateur bout, ending in a draw, while the second, a professional contest, resulted in a split decision victory for KSI. Surprisingly, this rivalry evolved into a genuine friendship.

After the second fight, Logan Paul praised KSI and revealed that the trash talk leading up to the matches was primarily for promotional purposes. He held no ill will towards his former opponent and extended an olive branch by inviting KSI to his IMPAULSIVE podcast in 2021.

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This invitation was accepted, leading to a more amicable interaction between the two. They even collaborated on a Sidemen video on YouTube that same month. Towards the end of 2021, they teased a potential trilogy fight, which served as a prelude to a major announcement: the launch of their energy drink, PRIME.

KSI And Logan Paul prime

The duo’s relentless promotion of Ksi and Logan Paul Prime PRIME garnered substantial attention and lucrative deals. PRIME became the official energy drink of the UFC and inked a multi-year exclusive agreement with FC Bayern Munich to be exclusively sold in the Allianz Arena on match days.

As of this weekend, both ksi and logan paul friends are set to participate in the MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card, scheduled for Saturday. KSI will headline the event, taking on fellow Englishman Tommy Fury in a cruiserweight bout.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul is gearing up for a co-main event against Dillon Danis, marked by intense personal trash talk. Although there are concerns that Danis might withdraw from the bout, fans are eagerly anticipating this showdown.”

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