Lords of the Fallen to Showcase Enhanced Upscaling with Support for Nvidia and AMD Technologies

CI Games’ highly-anticipated Souls-like title, Lords of the Fallen, is gearing up for its imminent release. The studio has unveiled exciting news for gamers, announcing that the game will incorporate both Nvidia and AMD upscaling technologies upon launch. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Lords of the Fallen is poised to deliver stunning graphics coupled with challenging gameplay. In pursuit of an optimal player experience, CI Games and Hexworks have included support for Nvidia DLSS 3 and AMD FSR 3.0 right from the start, enhancing the overall visual quality of the game.

This development stands in contrast to recent releases, such as Bethesda’s Starfield, which initially only supported AMD’s upscaling technology at launch. Interestingly, AMD’s FSR 3.0 in Lords of the Fallen appears to include Super Resolution, but it lacks Frame Generation in its current menu system. However, there is optimism for future updates that may introduce Frame Generation for AMD users.

Lords of the Fallen impresses with its remarkable visuals:

Trailers and gameplay footage showcase the meticulous craftsmanship of Hexworks and CI Games in utilizing Unreal Engine 5, leveraging the Lumen Global Illumination lighting technology to create a dark and atmospheric ambiance. The game features high-resolution textures and harnesses Unreal Engine 5’s Chaos Physics for advanced clothing simulations. Detailed character models add to the visual allure, making Lords of the Fallen a visually striking title.

Surprisingly, despite its visual excellence, the game’s system requirements are not overly demanding. Even mid-tier PCs from a few years ago should run the game smoothly. Here are the minimum and recommended PC specifications for Lords of the Fallen:

Lords of the Fallen
Image Credit – @steam


  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel i5 8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 6GB VRAM | NVIDIA GTX-1060 | AMD Radeon RX 590
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 45 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 720p Low Quality Settings | SSD (Preferred) | HDD (Supported)


  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel i7 8700 | AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 8GB VRAM | NVIDIA RTX-2080 | AMD Radeon RX 6700
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 45 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 1080p High-Quality Settings | SSD Required
Video Credit – PlayStation

As the release date approaches, there is anticipation surrounding whether Lords of the Fallen will live up to expectations, both in terms of visuals and gameplay. In today’s gaming landscape, Souls-like enthusiasts value a combination of compelling graphics and engaging gameplay, partly influenced by the success of Elden Ring. With the inclusion of both Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR technologies, Lords of the Fallen is poised to cater to the preferences of a broad range of gamers.

Lords of the Fallen is set to launch on October 13th, and it will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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