New M2 iMac: A Modest Update that May Overshadow the Best MacBook Ever Created

New 24-inch iMac Rumor Hints at New M2 iMac Chip Update, Leaving M3 Enthusiasts in Limbo

As reports from 9to5Mac suggest, the long-awaited refresh of the 24-inch iMac may be on the horizon, but there’s a catch that might temper the excitement. According to Japanese site MacOtakara, known for its reliable Apple hardware insights, the delay in fulfilling orders for M1-equipped iMacs configured with extra memory and storage has sparked speculation about an impending hardware revision. This potentially indicates a shift away from M1 chips, raising questions about the fate of the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) that continues to win hearts.

New M2 iMac 24-inch iMac

The potential transition to the M2 and M2 Pro chips in the new 24-inch iMacs is a mixed bag of emotions. While it’s a welcome update for the aging M1 iMac, the incremental performance improvement of the M2 might disappoint those expecting a significant leap. The M1 chip’s exceptional quality has set a high bar, and the M2, which debuted in June 2022, falls short of delivering a generational performance boost. The anticipation of an M3 iMac with substantial performance gains over the M1 might now be put on hold, as Apple aims to refresh the iMac lineup sooner rather than later. gif maker 7 1
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The notion of the M3 chip finding its debut in an iMac was always a bit uncertain, given Apple tendency to showcase new chips in more mainstream products, such as the MacBook Air. However, this latest rumor, coupled with previous reports about a delayed M3 chip release, underscores Apple’s awareness of the aging iMac, prompting them to move forward with the M2.

If this rumor holds true, it’s not just the M2, but also the more powerful M2 Pro chip that could make its way into the new iMacs, mirroring the approach taken with the latest Mac mini (2023). This could offer a more significant performance boost and expand consumer options, particularly since there was no iMac option with the M1 Pro.

One concerning aspect of this rumor is the potential slowdown or cessation of M1 chip production. This would mark the end of a standout product—the MacBook Air (M1, 2020), which continues to be a top recommendation due to its exceptional value. As newer M2 MacBooks launch, the price of the M1 MacBook Air drops, making it an even more appealing choice in its price range. However, if M1 iMacs are phased out, the MacBook Air (M1) could be left as the sole bearer of the M1 chip, which might signal the beginning of the end for this beloved MacBook. For some, even the prospect of shiny new iMacs may not compensate for this loss.

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