Player Left in Awe as Knife Spontaneously Ignites in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), which debuted on September 27, has garnered substantial attention in the gaming community. Not only is it celebrated for its improved graphics and revamped maps, but it has also faced scrutiny due to several post-launch bugs and issues.

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 Player Astonished as Knife Spontaneously Ignites During Overpass Round

One particularly peculiar and unexpected glitch has left both a player and the entire CS2 community in disbelief. A recent Reddit post featured a player sharing video footage that showcased their knife inexplicably catching fire during a round on Overpass.

In the clip, the player initially switches to a Molotov and throws it toward the water-logged area near Overpass’s B site. However, upon reverting to their knife, it inexplicably becomes engulfed in flames, the blade ablaze while they still grasp the handle. Understandably shocked, the player retreats to a safer location, seemingly struggling to comprehend the surreal occurrence.

Despite their attempts to extinguish the fire by swiping the blade, it persists. The player then rushes toward the enemy team, possibly to display their fiery knife skin, but the round concludes before they have the chance.

The CS2 community was quick to express amazement in the Reddit thread. Many speculated whether the fiery knife would have inflicted additional damage if it had made contact with an enemy. One observant player even noted, “The AWP had it too, but the OP switched too quickly. I want my .308 flamethrower, Valve.”

This captivating incident isn’t the sole issue that CS2 players have encountered since the game’s release. Reports have emerged of game-breaking bugs, such as Mirage elements randomly appearing within other maps, obstructing vision, and disrupting gameplay. Additionally, some have criticized the game’s “underwhelming” launch and the performance of its “laggy” servers.

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