Tesla Model Y in China Still Utilizes Reliable Hardware 3.0 for Enhanced Performance

Tesla model y
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“Tesla Model Y Unveils Upgraded in China, But Hardware 3.0 Remains”

Recently, Tesla China introduced an upgraded version of the Tesla Model Y, creating quite a buzz among electric vehicle enthusiasts. The official announcement was made via Tesla China’s Weibo account, sparking curiosity about potential hardware improvements. However, it was later revealed in a response from Tesla China‘s Customer Support team that the updated Model Y still relies on Hardware 3.0.

“Tesla China’s announcement highlighted the ongoing evolution of the Model Y, marking another milestone in its journey,” the statement read.

The news of the upgraded Model Y generated significant interest, with Tesla enthusiasts speculating whether it would feature the anticipated Hardware 4.0. In response to these speculations, Tesla China’s Customer Support team clarified that the vehicle’s autonomous driving hardware had not advanced to 4.0 and confirmed its continued use of Hardware 3.0.

“Hello, the upgraded Model Y’s autonomous driving hardware remains at 3.0,” stated Tesla China’s Customer Support team in response to queries regarding the hardware version.

model y hw3
image Credit – @Weibo

Gigafactory Shanghai’s latest iteration of the Model Y boasts additional modifications that contribute to the Model Y Dual-Motor AWD Long Range’s impressive increase in range and enhanced wind resistance coefficient. This updated Model Y LR variant now offers an extended range of approximately 17 miles, providing drivers with a remarkable 428 miles of range on a single charge. Additionally, Tesla has worked to improve the vehicle’s wind resistance coefficient, achieving an impressive rating of 0.23.

For those considering the purchase of this advanced electric vehicle, pricing details are as follows: the Model Y RWD starts at RMB 263,900, while the Model Y Long Range and the Performance variant are priced at RMB 299,900 and RMB 349,900, respectively.

In another noteworthy announcement, Tesla China has informed customers that its referral bonus program will come to a close on October 31. This program has been a valuable incentive for new Tesla customers, offering them the opportunity to save up to RMB 3,500 on their final payment, and granting access to a 90-day trial period of Enhanced Autopilot. It’s a development that’s garnered attention from both existing Tesla owners and potential buyers, with the impending deadline adding urgency for those interested in taking advantage of this referral program before it concludes.

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