Toyota FT Se Unveils Stunning Electric Sports Car Teaser for Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota FT Se Electric Sports Car: A Glimpse of Aggressive Design

In a pair of intriguing teaser images, Toyota is giving enthusiasts a sneak peek into its forthcoming electric sports car, the FT-Se. The visuals hint at an assertive design, with a wide front and rear track, and eye-catching taillights that extend into aerodynamically promising fins. Prominently gracing the rear ducktail spoiler is the iconic GR logo, signifying its affiliation with Gazoo Racing. Inside the vehicle, the dashboard is a multifaceted display hub, while the steering wheel appears to sport a distinctive yoke-style controller akin to the technology found in the Lexus RZ.

Although detailed specifications regarding the FT-Se’s underpinnings remain under wraps, Toyota alludes to a shared componentry connection with another upcoming concept vehicle, the FT-3e—a compact SUV. This hint implies the development of a versatile electric vehicle platform, set to underpin a variety of future EV models.

While the FT-Se garners the spotlight, the FT-3e also holds its relevance. Currently, Toyota’s electric offerings in the U.S. are limited, with the bZ4X as its sole EV model. Based on the released images, the FT-3e appears to be similarly sized, potentially suggesting it could serve as a successor to the bZ4X. Specifics from Toyota are scant at the moment, but the exterior doors on the FT-3e appear to feature digital displays that provide essential information such as battery charge status and onboard temperature as you approach the vehicle.

The full story behind these two Toyota concept cars will soon be revealed, as both are set to make their debut at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments.

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