Discover the Elusive: Top 5 Rarest Skins in Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 Night Market

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2
Image Credit – @Riot Game

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2

The Night Market in Valorant is a much-anticipated event that offers players the chance to snag discounted weapon skins. This event reappears at the end of each Act, and with Episode 7 Act 2, Riot Games has introduced a fresh array of skins. In this article, we’ll delve into the five rarest skins you can potentially acquire in Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 2 Night Market.

5) NO LIMITS Vandal

The NO LIMITS collection made its debut in Valorant with the launch of patch 6.11 in June 2023, coinciding with the VCT Masters Tokyo event. The NO LIMITS Vandal stands out with its unique Japanese manga-inspired aesthetics, featuring black and white artwork reminiscent of manga panels, giving it a trendy look. This skin has an intriguing feature where its appearance transitions from white to black as you move from open spaces to areas with ceilings. The standard price for this skin is 1275 VP, but you might find it at a discounted rate in the Night Market.

4) Black Market Vandal

The Black Market Vandal skin offers a more classic look, resembling the default AK-47 skin from Counter-Strike. What sets it apart is its ability to change color schemes when you switch sides in the game, adding a dynamic element to your gameplay. This switchable feature can be upgraded using RP. While the regular price for this skin is 1775 VP, keep an eye out for potential Night Market discounts.

3) Reaver Phantom

The Reaver Phantom is a beloved assault rifle skin known for its stunning animations and an impressive finisher animation. The sound cues of this skin add to its appeal, making each kill feel like a musical performance. Priced at around 1775 VP, this skin offers four different color options and can be upgraded up to three times from its base level.

2) Magepunk Phantom

The Magepunk Phantom delights players with electrifying sound effects that complement the weapon’s firing sounds. Its animations and variants align perfectly with its theme, combining retro and futuristic elements seamlessly. This sophisticated, technologically advanced skin comes at a standard price of 1775 VP, but you might score it at a reduced rate during the Night Market event.

1) Soulstrife Ghost

The Soulstrife skin bundle exudes an eerie aura, featuring a gray and black motif reminiscent of spirits and the supernatural. The Soulstrife Ghost, in particular, stands out with its haunting design and wavy texture, making it one of Valorant’s most distinctive cosmetics. Eliminating opponents with this skin triggers a unique smoky effect and sound, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to your gameplay. While the regular price is 1775 VP, don’t miss the opportunity to grab it at a discounted price in the Night Market.

In conclusion, Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 2 Night Market is the perfect chance to acquire these rare and captivating skins. Keep an eye on the market, as you might just stumble upon your favorite skin at a special price.”

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