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In this review, you will get in detailed information about Vizeo. I have shared information about what is Vizeo, its features, its pros and cons, and how this product will help you, and after that, I have shared some of my special bonuses. which will help you in your business and evaluate how well it stacks up against the competition.

Vizeo Review – Product Overview

Product NameVizeo
Product CreatorTaqi Askari
Launch Date2023-May-08
Launch Time11:00 EDT
SupportEffective Support
Guarantee30-Day Money Back Guarantee
BonusesYes, Huge Software Bonuses
Official WebsiteClick Here

Vizeo Review – Product Creator

Vizeo Review

This Product is Created By Taqi Askari. He is a well-known internet marketer and online entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the online marketing space. He has more than 8 years of experience in the online Industry and has gained a reputation for his expertise in Software creation, Course creation, and traffic generation.

Taqi Askari has launched multiple successful online businesses and has developed a following among aspiring online entrepreneurs looking to learn from his success.

I have shared some of his previous products like Web Vitals Profits, Citation Profits, GMB Optimiser, Local Popups Profit, Local Domain Profits, GMaps A.I., Revio, etc.

He is also a prolific product creator, having launched several digital products that have helped thousands of people to start and grow their online businesses.

Vizeo Review – What is Vizeo ?

Vizeo is an AI-powered video creation platform that enables users to create stunning videos with human-like spokespersons, custom avatars, and voiceovers without the need for expensive equipment or hiring video crews. The platform includes several features that make it easy for anyone, regardless of technical skill level, to create high-quality videos in just a few minutes.

One of the most powerful features of Vizeo is its built-in text-to-speech engine, which supports 82 different languages and 600 voice accents. This allows users to create perfect sounding voiceovers for any purpose without the need for expensive voice artists. The platform also includes a custom voice creation feature, which lets users upload any voice clip into Vizeo and use it within the text-to-speech engine, eliminating the need to worry about copyright issues.

Vizeo’s AI technology can turn any photo into a unique digital talking human, making it possible to create videos with unique and different avatars. The platform includes 27 human avatars to choose from, or users can even upload and fully customize their own to make their video pop. Vizeo also includes a drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to customize and build videos the way users want.

Vizeo comes loaded with stunning ready-made, fully customizable video templates that can be sold to local businesses for top dollar, making it a valuable tool for marketers and entrepreneurs. The platform also includes millions of copyright-free images and stock video footage that users can search for and use to spice up their videos.

Vizeo Review – How Does Vizeo Work?

It Has 4 Step Process

Step 1- Select Template

Screenshot 152

Users can choose from 50 customizable templates in various niches. They can also select a presenter from the library, with 27 different presenters to choose from, or even customize their own avatar.

Step 2- Add Voiceover

Screenshot 153

Users can turn any text into professional voiceovers by adding their text and choosing the language and voice accent they want. They can also upload their own voiceover and sync it with Vizeo.

Step 3- Customize

Screenshot 154

The customizable templates allow users to easily edit and adjust various elements of their video, such as text, fonts, colors, images, background images, slides, and more. All slides are fully customizable, allowing users to move, edit, delete, and add transition effects to create the perfect engaging video.

Step 4- Render

Screenshot 155

Once the video is fully customized, users can hit render and wait a few minutes while Vizeo’s artificial intelligence technology creates the stunning final product. Users can then download the video and use it for various purposes, such as marketing and advertising, without worrying about copyright issues.

Watch Demo Video

Vizeo Review – Vizeo Features and Benefits


  • 50 Done For You Templates: Vizeo comes loaded with stunning ready-made, fully customisable video templates that can be sold to local businesses for top dollar.
  • AI Human Face Maker: Vizeo’s cutting-edge AI automatically turns any photo into a unique digital talking human.
  • Drag-N-Drop Editor: Customise and build your video the way you want with Vizeo’s drag-n-drop technology.
  • AI Video Creator: Vizeo’s AI tech creates stunning human talking videos to convey your marketing message to the masses.
  • AI Text To Speech Engine: Turn any text into professional voiceovers without recording your own voice.
  • Custom Voice Creation: Upload any voice clip into Vizeo and use it within the text-to-speech engine.
  • Supports 82 Languages & 600 Voices: Create stunning AI videos and voiceovers in any language and accent inside of Vizeo’s easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Turn Photos Into Live Human Talking Characters: Create your own custom video actors from an uploaded image.
  • Millions Of Image & Video Assets: Instantly search for any copyright-free images and stock video footage.
  • AI Face Swap: Upload any photo into Vizeo and have it mapped onto any human actor.
  • AI Avatar Generator: Vizeo’s incredible AI can automatically create stunning unique human avatars that you can use in your videos to stand out from the crowd.


  • Quick and easy video creation: With Vizeo’s user-friendly interface and range of templates, you can create stunning videos in just minutes.
  • No experience or tech skills required: Vizeo is designed for people with no technical expertise, making it accessible to anyone.
  • Cost-effective: You don’t need to hire video crews or expensive equipment with Vizeo.
  • Customizable: Vizeo’s drag-n-drop editor and range of customisation options make it easy to create videos that match your brand and style.
  • Multilingual support: Vizeo supports over 82 languages and 600 voice accents, making it easy to create videos for a global audience.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Vizeo’s AI technology allows you to create unique videos with custom avatars and voiceovers that will set you apart from the competition.

Vizeo Review – Who Can Use Vizeo?

Vizeo can be used by anyone who wants to create high-quality, engaging videos without the need for expensive equipment, cameras, or hiring video crews. It is particularly useful for:

  • Online marketers and entrepreneurs looking to create engaging videos for their sales pages, websites, social media platforms, and other marketing campaigns
  • Bloggers and content creators who want to repurpose their written content into video format to increase engagement and reach a wider audience
  • Small business owners who want to create professional-looking videos for their products or services without hiring expensive video production teams
  • Social media managers who need to create a high volume of content for their clients’ social media accounts
  • Affiliate marketers who want to promote products with video reviews and demonstrations
  • Educators who want to create online courses or tutorials using video format
  • Non-profit organizations who want to raise awareness about their causes or campaigns through video content
  • Event planners who want to create engaging videos to promote their events and attract attendees.
  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Social media influencers
  • Freelancers
  • Content creators
  • Video agencies
  • Local businesses (gyms, salons, restaurants, chiropractors, etc.) who want to promote their products and services with professional-looking videos.

How Does Vizeo Help You in Your Business?

  • Saves time and money: With Vizeo, you can easily create high-quality videos and voiceovers without the need for expensive equipment, hiring video crews, or voice artists. This saves you both time and money that can be invested in other areas of your business.
  • Increases engagement and conversions: Videos have been proven to increase engagement and conversions in marketing campaigns. With Vizeo, you can create eye-catching and professional videos that capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.
  • Personalizes your brand: With Vizeo’s AI avatar generator and face maker, you can create unique digital talking human avatars that represent your brand and make it stand out from the competition. This helps you to personalize your brand and make it more relatable to your audience.
  • Expands your reach: With Vizeo’s built-in text-to-speech engine, you can create voiceovers in over 82 languages and 600 voice accents. This allows you to reach a global audience and expand your business into new markets.
  • Generates revenue: Vizeo comes with 50 customizable templates that you can sell to local businesses in various niches. This means that you can generate revenue by offering video creation services to others using Vizeo’s powerful tools.

Overall, Vizeo can help you to create professional and engaging videos quickly and easily, expand your reach, and increase revenue for your business.

How is Vizeo going to work for you

Vizeo can work for your business by allowing you to create stunning AI-powered videos and voiceovers quickly and easily. You can use these videos for various purposes such as product demos, explainer videos, social media posts, and more.

The high-quality videos created by Vizeo can help increase engagement, generate leads, and boost sales for your business.

Additionally, the lead finder tool and email marketing features included in the upsells can help you find and target potential customers effectively.

Overall, Vizeo can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to create professional-looking videos and improve their marketing efforts.

Vizeo OTO Details

VZ JV 09 Image 04

Front End – Vizeo [$67]

  • AI Video Builder
  • 50 Ready-Made Templates
  • Text To Speech Engine
  • Custom Voiceovers
  • Translate Up To 40 Languages
  • 300 Different Accents
  • 50+ Pro Voices
  • Custom Actors
  • Image To AI Video Actors
  • AI Face Changer
  • Drag-n-Drop Editor
  • Step By Step Training Videos
  • Commercial License
  • 100 Min Per Month Video Animation
  • Full Dedicated Customer Support
VZ JV 09 Image 04

FASTPASS Bundle Deal – $247/
Vizeo Pro [$67]

  • Double the video animation AI minutes every month. 200 minutes per month instead of just 100.
  • 50 Fresh Extra DFY Video Templates
  • Unlock access to 50 additional premium voice artists
  • Extra 300 Voice Accents In 82 Languages At Your Fingertips
  • Text to Image AI (Unlimited)
  • Text to voice over, file to voiceover (Unlimited)
  • Access Millions Of Royalty Free Music Tracks To Spice Your AI Videos & Voiceovers
  • Text To Music AI – user can find any track related to their keyword
  • Live Webinar Training… Plus Q & A Sessions
  • Built-in text-to-speech engine with 82 different languages and 600 voice accents.
  • Easy drag-and-drop customization of text, fonts, colors, images, and more.
  • Fully customizable slides with the ability to move, edit, delete and add transition effects.
  • Quick rendering time, allows you to have a finished video in just a few minutes.
  • Ability to create videos in any language to reach a wider audience.
  • Professional-quality voiceovers that can help to increase engagement, leads, and sales.
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, as well as individuals looking to create high-quality videos for personal use.
VZ JV 09 Image 04

OTO 2 – Vizeo Deluxe [$67]

  • Proprietary lead finder tool – this tool helps you find targeted leads for Vizeo and close them without much effort. This can save you time and effort in finding potential clients.
  • Connect any SMTP or G-Suite for broadcasting mass emails – this feature allows you to send mass emails to your leads directly from the app.
  • Instantly download local leads from any part of the world – you can easily download pre-qualified local leads from any part of the world with just a click.
  • Complete info on every lead – you can view complete information on every lead, making it easier to decide which leads to follow up with.
  • Built-in leads manager – you can tag and save leads for follow up later, making it easier to manage your leads.
  • Cold email sender – you can send fully formatted emails right from within the app.
  • Outreach tracker – you can track opens and clicks to optimize your outreach, making it easier to see which leads are engaging with your emails.
  • Commercial License – this upsell comes with multiple methods to start earning right out of the box, making it easier for you to make a return on your investment.
VZ JV 09 Image 04

Vizeo VIP Templates Club
$27/Mo Or $197/Yearly

  • The Vizeo VIP Templates Club is a subscription service that provides users with 15 new AI video templates every month, covering the most popular niches, such as health, agency, local business, YouTube, technology, and more. With this service, users can stay up to date with the latest trends and ensure that their agency business remains profitable.
  • The templates are created by Vizeo’s expert video team and can be easily edited and customized to suit the user’s needs. This service is a great way for users to scale their income and save money on hiring video teams and designers.
VZ JV 09 Image 04

OTO 4-Vizeo Enterprise License[$297]

  • Sell the software as your own. Done for your software business without any hassles, setup or costs. Leverage our 7 figure team of top-notch designers, copywriters & developers. no technical skill is needed, just plug n play. We handle customer support for you & video tutorials included.

Product Rating

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My Final Opinion On Vizeo

Thanks for reading my Vizeo Review details blog, in my final thoughts, I wanted to share something. If You are a Content Creator, Marketer, entrepreneur, Student, academic, Business owner, or Anyone who needs to grow their online business. If you want to run your business smoothly and effortlessly this Vizeo is the best solution for you.

Because Vizeo is a powerful AI-based video creation tool that provides an easy and cost-effective solution for creating stunning marketing videos. With a wide range of features such as customizable templates, a built-in text-to-speech engine, and the ability to create videos in any language, Vizeo can help businesses of all sizes to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily.

Furthermore, Vizeo offers various upsells that provide additional features such as lead generation, access to exclusive templates, and the ability to resell the software as your own. These upsell can help businesses to scale up their video marketing efforts and increase their revenue potential.

Overall, Vizeo is a highly recommended tool for anyone looking to create impressive marketing videos without breaking the bank or spending a lot of time and effort. With its powerful AI technology and user-friendly interface, Vizeo can help businesses to stand out in a crowded digital landscape and reach their target audience effectively.

Below section, i am sharing some extra special bonuses for you to help your business to achieve great success.

Let’s have a look at some special bonuses.

Your Special Bonuses

extra bonus
screenshot 202

How to Claim Your Bonuses

Step 1– Click Any Buy Button On This Page To Get Vizeo From the Official Website.

Step 2 – Send Me Your Purchase Receipt On My Mail “[email protected]“. For Confirmation.

Step 3– I will Send your bonuses To Your Mail.


FAQ about Vizeo

  1. What is Vizeo?

    Vizeo is a cloud-based software that allows users to create stunning AI human spokesperson videos in multiple languages without requiring any technical or video production skills.

  2. Do I need any technical skills to use Vizeo?

    No, you don’t need any technical skills or video production experience to use Vizeo. It’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

  3. Can I create videos in multiple languages with Vizeo?

    Yes, Vizeo offers over 82 different languages and 600 voice accents to choose from, so you can easily create videos in multiple languages.

  4. Can I customize my videos in Vizeo?

    Yes, Vizeo offers complete customization options including changing text, fonts, colors, images, background images, slides, and adding transition effects.

  5. What type of businesses can benefit from using Vizeo?

    Vizeo is perfect for any business looking to create stunning videos without requiring a lot of time or resources. It’s ideal for marketers, agencies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone looking to create professional-looking videos for their business.

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