Discover the Easiest Way to Share with WhatsApp Channels Link Copy Feature

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, is constantly striving to improve its features. According to a recent report from WABetaInfo, the platform, owned by Meta, is introducing a valuable feature that allows users to quickly copy channel update links.

WhatsApp Channels
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The Whatsapp Channels

Following the announcement of a search feature designed to facilitate status updates and channel searches in WhatsApp beta for Android, the platform is now focusing on further enhancements. This latest development aims to enhance the user experience and streamline interactions within Channels.

The report shares a screenshot revealing a new option within the message menu that enables users to copy the channel update link. This link, when clicked, takes users directly to the associated message, ensuring that they don’t lose context when accessing the channel. Importantly, this feature is available to all users with access to the channel, not just the channel creator.

This feature offers significant benefits, enabling users to swiftly share crucial channel updates with others without the need for manual forwarding. By copying the channel update link, users can easily share updates outside of WhatsApp, providing convenient access to specific information without the hassle of searching through the entire channel history.

Initially, this capability is available to select users who have installed the latest updates of WhatsApp beta for iOS via the TestFlight app and WhatsApp beta for Android through the Play Store. WhatsApp plans to roll out this feature to a wider user base in the coming days.

Additionally, WhatsApp is introducing a new reply bar feature to further streamline conversations. This feature allows users to quickly respond to images, videos, and GIFs without interrupting the conversation flow. To access this feature, users should install the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update ( from the Google Play Store.

These updates reflect WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing the user experience and ensuring that users can seamlessly interact with the platform’s features. Stay tuned for more improvements as WhatsApp continues to evolve its messaging capabilities.

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