GTA Online Ghosts Exposed: A Comprehensive Guide to the Halloween 2023 Event

GTA Online Ghosts Exposed is a captivating seasonal collectable event from October 12, 2023, with an undisclosed end date, offering players the chance to capture images of 10 different spectres. Participating in this Halloween event can provide a thrilling experience and rewards, including a lucrative cash influx.

It’s important to note that Ghosts Exposed will likely last throughout October and perhaps into early November, explicitly designed for the Halloween season. This event is not a permanent addition to the game.

Let’s now delve into the locations where you can find these elusive apparitions for your snapshot collection.

All Locations for GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Event

Ghosts Exposed was introduced during the October 12 GTA Online weekly update. The map here highlights all potential locations for the ten phantoms you must photograph during the event. Except for the final spectre, each ghost has two areas where you can encounter them, typically near.

To photograph them, use Snapmatic and send your snapshots to tally your progress. It’s important to note that each spirit remains visible for only an hour and adheres to specific time frames for their appearances.

Ghosts Exposed Guide

GTA Online Ghosts Exposed
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The map above is a handy infographic illustrating how to photograph nine of the ten apparitions daily. Afterwards, wait another day to capture Johnny Klebitz and complete this thrilling event. Remember that the numbers in parentheses denote military time used in GTA Online. For instance, 22 would represent 10 p.m.

For efficient navigation, it is advisable to have access to a reliable aircraft, such as the Oppressor Mk II, Deluxo, or any helicopter or plane that suits your convenience.

Remember, the Ghosts Exposed event is just one of the many Halloween activities available this year. You might come across other Halloween-themed activities, such as Possessed Animals, Phantom Cars, or the Halloween Slashers, as their areas often overlap with those shown above.

Each snapshot you take of these spectral beings will reward you with $20,000 and 500 RP. Capturing images of all ten spirits will grant you a bonus of $50,000. In summary, the total rewards include: gif maker
  • $250,000
  • 5,000 RP
  • Ghosts Exposed livery for the Albany Brigham

This event offers a unique opportunity to acquire the special livery for the Albany Brigham, which may not be available again. It’s a straightforward method for newcomers and players looking to make a quick $250,000, especially when other money-making opportunities are limited.

Johnny Klebitz is only accessible after the other nine ghosts’ photos are taken and shared with the Ghosts Exposed group. Astute GTA Online players may recognize his location, as it remains unchanged from nearly a decade ago in Grand Theft Auto 5.

That wraps up everything you need about this spooky Halloween 2023 event. While you await the subsequent ghostly encounter, why not explore the latest Grand Theft Auto 6 rumours? Stay tuned for more haunting adventures in the world of GTA Online!

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