Top 5 Fastest BMW Cars in GTA Online in 2023 – Ranked by Speed

In the expansive world of GTA Online, a diverse array of cars is at players’ disposal to navigate the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. Top 5 Fastest BMW Cars in GTA Online, Among the game’s car manufacturers, Ubermacht stands out for its inspiration from real-life BMW models. However, not all Ubermacht vehicles are created equal, and speed is of the essence when it comes to missions in the game. In this article, we’ll unveil the five swiftest BMW-inspired cars in GTA Online, all crafted by Übermacht.

Top 5 Fastest BMW Cars in GTA Online, Ranked by Top Speed (2023)

5) Ubermacht Sentinel Classic
Top Speed: 117.25 mph
Vehicle Class: Sports

Top 5 Fastest BMW Cars in GTA Online
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The Ubermacht Sentinel Classic, a 2-seater rally coupe introduced in 2017 as part of The Doomsday Heist update, is heavily inspired by the iconic BMW E30 M3. This performance-oriented ride boasts remarkable acceleration and a top speed of 117.25 mph (188.70 km/h). Additionally, it handles exceptionally well, completing a lap in just 1:05.499. This impressive ride can be acquired from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for a price ranging from $487,500 to $650,000.

4) UbermachtSC1
Top Speed: 120.75 mph
Vehicle Class: Super webp to jpg 12
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The Ubermacht SC1, a 2-door coupe supercar introduced in 2017 alongside The Doomsday Heist update, draws design cues from the iconic BMW M1 Homage Concept. Powered by a single-cam V8 engine paired with a 6-speed gearbox in an RWD layout, the SC1 reaches a top speed of 120.75 mph (194.33 km/h). It completes a lap in 1:03.664, establishing itself as a strong performer. It’s worth noting that the SC1 was temporarily removed from GTA Online but may return.

3) Ubermacht Rhinehart
Top Speed: 123 mph
Vehicle Class: Sedans webp to jpg 13
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The Ubermacht Rhinehart, added to GTA Online in the Sedans category, is one of the fastest sedans available. This 4-seater mid-size vehicle, based on the BMW S Series Touring, joined the game in the Criminal Enterprises update. Powered by a V8 engine and an 8-speed transmission in an AWD layout, it can achieve an impressive top speed of 123.00 mph (197.95 km/h) and complete a lap in 1:04.748. Interested players can purchase the Rhinehart from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,598,000.

2) Ubermacht Rebla GTS
Top Speed: 123.50 mph
Vehicle Class: SUVs webp to jpg 14
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The Ubermacht Rebla GTS, a 4-door civilian luxury SUV introduced in 2019 as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update, draws inspiration from real-life BMW models. It’s equipped with a lively V8 engine, allowing it to reach a substantial top speed of 123.50 mph (198.75 km/h). With decent acceleration and traction, it can complete a lap in 1:06.700. You can purchase the Rebla GTS from Legendary Motorsport for $1,175,000.

1) Ubermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody
Top Speed: 127.25 mph
Vehicle Class: Sports webp to jpg 15
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The Ubermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody, introduced to GTA Online in 2022 as part of The Criminal Enterprises update, is one of the fastest sports cars available. This 2-seater coupe, based on the BMW E30 M3, boasts an Inline-4 engine with throttle bodies and a 5-speed gearbox. It achieves a remarkable top speed of 127.25 mph (204.79 km/h) and completes a lap in 1:03.763. For $700,000, players can convert their Sentinel Classic at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

This comprehensive article delves into the thrilling world of GTA Online, unveiling the top five fastest BMW-inspired cars in the game, all masterfully crafted by Ubermacht. From sleek sports cars to high-performance supercars and even sedans, we’ll analyse each vehicle’s top speed, handling, and unique features in-depth.

These vehicles cater to BMW enthusiasts looking to expand their car collection in GTA Online while awaiting the next instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series. Stay tuned to Sharadtekwade for the latest GTA Online news and updates.”

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