Leaked 2024 Ford Mustang GTD: A Glimpse of Pure Racing Aggression on the Streets

“Leaked 2024 Ford Mustang GTD: A Thrilling Transition from Track to Street?”

When the 2024 Ford Mustang first entered as a GT3 race car, Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, sparked an intriguing question on social media: Could there be a road-ready version for enthusiasts? The idea ignited a buzz, and now, there’s a tantalizing rumour circulating, complete with some intriguing images, hinting at a Mustang variant known as the GTD. While we can’t guarantee with absolute certainty that the GTD is a reality, one thing is clear: Ford is up to something exciting with the iconic Mustang.

Update: Ford has officially confirmed and unveiled the GTD this week, promising a jaw-dropping 800 horsepower and a price tag that exceeds $300,000. Let’s dive into the details!

What Can We Expect from a Mustang GT3 or GTD?

The burning question revolves around the essence of a GT3 or GTD – the latter being inspired by the IMSA class that the Mustang GT3 race car will dominate. How will it differ from the Dark Horse variant, with its robust 500-horsepower 5.0-liter V-8 engine? To make the GTD stand out, some cues from the GT3 racer could be incorporated into the Dark Horse. For starters, shedding some weight below its current 3,993 pounds is on the table, with the potential for carbon fibre to replace metal body panels and wheels.

These lightweight wheels, featured in the leaked GTD images (credit to YouTube user StangMode), exhibit intricate designs and silver colouring, potentially indicating the use of carbon fibre or similar lightweight materials. Carbon fibre body components could also provide the opportunity to enhance the Mustang’s width and incorporate additional aerodynamic features, such as front tire air outlets and larger cooling ducts. Ultimately, the GTD must exude a look that screams “race car meets street car.”

Video credit- Stangmode

Gripping the Road

The Mustang GT3 race car boasts “bespoke” suspension components, which could be adapted for a street version of the GTD sports a carbon body. Furthermore, adding functional aerodynamics on both the front and rear could transform the GTD into a Mustang that’s visually striking and performance-oriented.

Under the Hood – The Engine

Let’s talk about the engine, which gets every enthusiast’s heart racing. The GT3 racer features a 5.4-liter V-8, sharing its architecture with the Coyote 5.0-liter engine found in the Dark Horse. There’s a possibility of seeing a street-legal, emissions-compliant version of this engine. It would mark the return of a road-worthy Mustang with a 5.4-litre V-8, a nod to the legendary 2000 SN95 Cobra R. However, there are whispers that the V-8 under the hood of the “GTD” may be supercharged or turbocharged. Either way, brace yourselves for more than 500 horsepower from this remarkable Mustang.

Another exciting prospect is the potential inclusion of a paddle shift system with a sophisticated dual-clutch transmission, making the GTD more akin to the GT3 race car. Such a transmission would offer rapid and precise gear shifts. It wouldn’t be the first time a high-horsepower Mustang received a paddle shift transmission, reminiscent of the Shelby GT500. The intriguing twist would be the placement of this transmission. The race car boasts a transaxle gearbox, and given the close ties between GT3 cars and their street counterparts, we might witness a transaxle with a dual-clutch transmission in the Mustang GTD.

When Can We Expect the Unveiling?

If the rumours hold, we can anticipate the grand unveiling of the Mustang GT3 or GTD during Monterey Car Week. Ford’s last notable debut during this event was the 2022 GT 64 Heritage Edition – one of many Ford GT models that emerged well beyond its original launch date. The previous Mustang was the GT Le Mans tribute, decked out in the iconic Gulf livery. This would mark Ford’s first brand-new, exhilarating debut during a celebration of rare and vintage cars and racers. Exciting times lie ahead for Mustang enthusiasts!

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