Minecraft Bedrock Beta Creeper Farms and Crash Fixes

Minecraft Bedrock Beta
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Minecraft Bedrock regularly receives updates, and the latest beta and preview version bring several essential bug fixes. While this update may be small in terms of new content, it addresses critical issues, including keyboard unresponsiveness, crafting problems on Android devices, and farm-breaking bugs.

Let’s dive into the details of this latest Minecraft Bedrock beta and preview patch:

Minecraft Bedrock Beta/Preview Patch Notes:
Here’s a summary of the bug fixes in Bedrock beta and preview:

  1. Resolved the issue of keyboard unresponsiveness when placing multiple Signs successively.
  2. Fixed tap-and-hold full-stack crafting with touch controls.
  3. Buttons and some non-full blocks now prevent certain mobs from spawning on them and adjacent blocks, particularly important for farms.
  4. Addressed an iOS bug where “¬ß” text modifiers would overwrite text near a line break.
  5. Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.

One of the most significant fixes is related to buttons and non-full blocks, which impact the functionality of various farms, including creeper and ghast farms.

To experience these fixes, Bedrock players can download the beta or preview version Keep in mind that content in preview or beta versions is subject to change.

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For those unfamiliar with the process, here’s how to download Minecraft Bedrock beta and preview on different platforms:

iOS Devices: Register for the preview version Click Hear. Check back if it’s full.
Windows 10/11 and Xbox: Simply search for “Minecraft Preview” in the Store and download the latest preview.
Android players, unfortunately, do not have access to preview patches. They can join the beta program by searching for “Minecraft” on the Google Play Store and registering for the latest beta. Afterward, they can download the latest Bedrock beta.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the world of Minecraft Bedrock!”

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